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HONGJIB MOON is Newsystock’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO. He is widely viewed as the most accomplished specialist in the field of Finance IT in Asia. MOON began his IT career at ROK Navy Headquarters, LG semiconductor, and GE prior to joining the Finance industry. As the CIO & VP at Daishin Securities, one of the first brokerage firms in Korea, MOON developed the first-ever Online Trading System called Cybos. Cybos enabled Daishin Securities to grow as the No. 1 Securities Company in Korea, and became the first-ever software developed by a Korean brokerage house to be exported overseas. (Taiwan, Thailand). For the innovation of the Stock Exchange Market with his first-ever HTS (Home Trading System), MOON was selected as one of ’50 Stars of Asia’ by BusinessWeek in 2001. He was also named as TOP CIO for 4 consecutive years by Korea Management Association (1999-2002) and was selected as ‘Man of Merit’ in the field of ‘e-Biz’ by the Prime Minister of Korea (2002). Moon then assumed the role as the CEO of Daishin Asset Management and CEO of Daishin Economic Research Institute where he further performed Financial Engineering and Research prior to Co-founding Newsystock in 2011. HONGJIB MOON holds an E-MBA from Seoul National University and MS/BS in Computer Science from Kyungbook National University.
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
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RYAN MOON is Newsystock’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO. He has years of experience as a Business Consultant at PwC consulting, performing projects in Strategy, Risk Management, FTA, Strategy Sourcing, etc. He also has working experience with Polaris Securities (Now Yuanta Securities), at the Asset Management Department in the Hong Kong office. RYAN MOON holds a BS in Management Information Systems from Yonsei University
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JAYJAY LIM is Newsystock’s Chief Technology Officer. As a Financial Engineering specialist, LIM has years of experience with Polaris Securities (Now Yuanta Securities). LIM was in charge of Global Trading Platform and Eastern Asia Stock Management in the Hong Kong office of Polaris. LIM also served as the Head of Financial Engineering at Daishin Economic Research Institute in Korea where he was a key cog in the development of Quant Stock Mgmt System, Wrap Account System, as well as Quant Analysis & DAISYS. JAYJAY LIM holds a certified license as FRM, and holds a Master of Financial Engineering from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).
Executive Adviser
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HEE-JAI AHN is a Senior Advisor of Newsystock, having been a KBS announcer. For 37 years, AHN hosted a variety of genres, such as education, classic, sport, ritual relay, narration and also was responsible for Korean education for long periods. HEE-JAI AHN win a lot of awards from Korea Association of Announcer. Graduating from Ewha Womans University and majoring French Language and Literature, AHN completed the process of senior manager program of Hanyang University.
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